The History of Haringey Dojo
by Sensei Savio Santimano

HKK was established where it stands in 1969, by Jose Claronino as a British Karate Kyokushin (BKK) Dojo. Although I had previously started learning Shotokan Karate and Judo, I joined HKK in 1974. This was my first real experience of what Karate training was all about.

Shihan Claronino was my first Kyokushin instructor and he is now the Chief Instructor & Principal Examiner of IKO GB. Many who have been taught by him have been astounded by his attention to detail, structured sessions and tenacity that he develops in his students.

Sensei Gary Malcolm took over running HKK in 1989. We were all very much in awe of this endearing character that, in my mind shared the name ‘The Motivator’ with a BBC sports trainer. He was instrumental in the rejuvenation of HKK with a team of fighters to take part in many competitions. I helped him with teaching and took over the role as Dojo operator when he became seriously ill in 2002.

Many of the top fighters and instructors at one time or another have trained at Haringey. These include Shihans Liam Keaveney (BKK Chairman), Roy Banton, Cyril Andrews. Others include Sensei Reg Winkworth, Linda Keaveney (BKK General secretary), Dennis Harris, Carl McKenzie, Karen McKenzie, Glen Mouldune, Owen Bentley, Steve Houldsworth, John Heath, Arvid Tage, Sean Farmer, Darren Saul (now in Australia), Pauline Ferris and Julie Matthews. 

I am also deeply indebted to Shihan Liam Keaveney, who was very supportive of Haringey dojo in its saddest time, when Sensei Malcolm passed away. He was instrumental in motivating me to persist with training up for Sandan and often made it a point to visit Haringey Dojo (amidst his busy schedule as BKK Chairman, Kokoro Dojo operator, professional and family man) to keep our spirits up.

We also remember our departed friends Sensei Gary Malcolm, Sempai Tony Necati and John McLoughlin and who are deeply missed.